About this website

First things first, this website is still a work in progress. More articles are being added, blog posts written and figures drawn to fill it in over the next few months. Keep checking back for updates!

 This website is intended mostly as an informative and educational resource for scientists, students and anyone else out there who may not be a specialist of the topics discussed here. I have been writing up this website as I had found that a lot of this information was not readily available online, or was mostly in scientific papers that are not so easily accessible to the general public. Some blog posts will be dedicated to looking through some particularly interesting papers and writing up plain language summaries. In the meanwhile please check in with the Antarctic Volcanism facebook page for some regular updates that will also be coming to this website soon: www.facebook.com/AntVolc.


 A bit about me: my name is Max Van Wyk de Vries and I am a PhD candidate at the University of Minnesota working on glaciers in Patagonia. I have previously done work on Antarctica, and am generally interested in all things involving glaciers and volcanoes! If you have any thoughts or suggestions feel free to send me a message at my email address: vanwy048@umn.edu

 Building this website was supported by an AGU Celebrate 100 outreach grant, many thanks to them for helping get this off the ground!