As scientists, our ideas and work matter. In many cases we work on problems with real world implications, and it is important for us to communicate our results in interesting, accessible and accurate ways.

I have become particularly aware of this issue following the press release of my first paper "A new volcanic province: an inventory of subglacial volcanoes in West Antarctica" (

This research was widely shared in the media (e.g. or, however many of the headlines misrepresented our work or sidelined it for some agenda.

I have since been working to effectively share the scientific work I am involved in with the general public by collaborating with media companies (1 hour long French documentary "Cataclysmes : Les grands régulateurs" 2019-2021) and applying for funding to turn ideas into practice (£4,100 BSG digital outreach grant, 2021).

Also, outreach is very fun and a good way to meet new people from different field!

Watch Dundee Under Ice: a short film

Describing ice penetrating radar to 10 year olds - Chicago Public School, 2019


Storyboard (draft of a film sequence) for upcoming French documentary on volcano-ice interactions

Screenshot 2021-05-09 223304.png

Draft reconstrction of LGM glaciers around Dundee (Scotland) from succesful BSG funding proposal.


Filming a documentary on volcano-ice interactions in Iceland. Here on Svinafellsjokull.


I have also written some brief articles about Climate, Volcanoes, and Glaciers (click on the words to read).